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Delaying HCV Tx Reduces Likelihood of Eradication

One HPV Vax Dose Might Work as Well as Three

Bias Charged in PCSK9 Inhibitor Findings

Coronary Calcium: Do Supplements Increase CAC?

Low BP Might Speed Mental Decline in Dementia

Stroke Rounds: 'Preventable' Strokes Are Most Treatable

USPSTF: Not Enough Evidence for Thyroid Screening

Vit D Blog: Extremes Tied to Greater Cardiovascular Death Risk

Less PSA Testing in Primary Care, But Not Urology

Stroke Rounds: HbA1C Has Modest Impact on CVD Risk

Which Came First -- The Egg or the Diabetes?

Fluorouracil Cream May Squelch Actinic Keratoses

Panel Urges Diet & Exercise Programs in Community

Complementary Treatments to Enhance Insulin Efficacy

BP Targets Loosened in Coronary Disease

Study: Beta-Blockers Effective in HF for Seniors, Women

Stroke Rounds: Thrombolysis Safe in Mild Stroke

Universal Cholesterol Screening in Kids IDs Genetic Dyslipidemia

How Long Is Too Long for Antibiotics in Acne?

Flu Shot During Pregnancy May Cut Stillbirth Risk by Half

Poor Glycemic Control Boosts Dementia Risk

Stroke Rounds: Gender Difference Seen in Dabigatran Dosing

Stopping BP Meds Didn't Improve Cognition in Elderly

Gout and CVD: Combo Is More Likely in Women

Study Questions Statin, Memory Loss Connection

Americans Miss WHO Sodium Targets -- By Wide Margin

AAP: Docs Have Role in Preventing Childhood Obesity

Inadequate Provider Coordination Barrier to Young Adult T1D Care

Obese Patients Unlikely to Return to Normal Weight

Jardiance Shows Cardiovascular Superiority

Soda's Diabetes Problem: The Non-Obese at Risk, Too

Management of the Hospitalized Patient

Does Diabetes Duration Trump HbA1c for Afib Stroke Risk?

Asthma in the City: Rx Adherence Barriers

Prolonged NSAIDs Don't Damage Kidneys in Non-CKD Patients

Pertussis Vax Wanes, Even With TDaP Booster

Stroke Rounds: Risk Climbs When BP Is Moving Target

ACP: Less Screening Is Better in Most Adults

ACP Calls for Behavioral Health Integration

Universal Depression Screening Urged

GI Events High With NSAID Use for Arthritis

Does Calcium Strengthen Bones? Evidence is Weak

Head to Heart to Pancreas: Lethal Triad

Black Women, Older Patients Unlikely to Hit Diabetes Targets

Could Trimming Waistlines Delay Alzheimer's?

Optimism Trumps Gratitude for ACS Patients

Whooping Cough Epidemic Hit Vaccinated Kids Hard

USPSTF To Shore Up Statin Recs for Primary Prevention

Women With T2D Face Risk for CVD Tied to Pollution

AHA: T2D Drug Disappoints in Heart Failure Study

No Surprise: Most Measles Victims Are Unvaccinated

'Exercise Protein' Irisin Fades to Myth

Mammograms Most Valuable for Women 50-69

Advanced Disease Missed Without PSA Testing?

More Evidence for Fiber in Diabetes Prevention

Obesity Linked to Delayed Puberty in Boys

Diabetes Dementia Link May Be Stronger for Women

Stroke Rounds: Stroke, MI Risk Higher After Drinking

Oral Contraceptives Prevented 400K Endometrial Cancers: Study

The Rejection Guessing Game: Immunity and the Role of CNIs in Transplant

Can People Deliberately Alter Their Alzheimer's Risk?

Management of Hyperphosphatemia: Translating Clinical Data into Practice

Heart Failure Incidence Drops by More Than a Third

Psoriatic Arthritis and the Heart: Is There a Risk?

PCSK9 Inhibitors: The Needle, the Cost, the Barriers

Chantix, Wellbutrin Found Safe in Smokers With Psych Disorders

Diabetes Risk Up in Youth With Antipsychotic Use

Sugar Suppresses Body's Stress Response

Sustained Weight Loss Reduces Afib Burden

PCSK9 Inhibitors Appear to Lower Death Risk

Vaccine Prevents Pneumonia Among Seniors

SPRINT Likely to Change, But Not Revolutionize, BP Tx

Stroke Rounds: State Stroke Center Laws Having Real Impact

Untreated Sleep Apnea Boosts Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke

Fluconazole Use May Increase Miscarriage Risk

WHO on HIV Therapy: Treat Everyone

Increasing Sleep Time Raises T2D Risk in Older Women

ESC: Coffee, Naps, and Depression in Hypertension