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Psychiatry CME Credit Courses

Psychiatry for the Primary Care Physician

Comprehensive Review of Neurology

Psychiatry Board Review

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Board Review

Emergency Psychiatry Update 2015-02

Psychiatry and Primary Care: The Changing Interface

ED Management - February 1, 2015

Managing Mixed Depression

Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) Revisited

Overcoming the Barriers to Optimal Migraine Management

Advances in Treating Major Depression

Motivational Interviewing: Principles and Practical Applications

OAB: Skills to Enhance Patient-Clinician Communication

House Call 2: Current Treatment Options and Early Indications...

PANCE/PANRE Review: Cardiovascular

Advancing the Treatment and Coordination of Care for Huntington's Disease

Expert Perspectives on Parkinson's Disease Psychosis

A Young Woman Who Wants to Stop Her Bipolar Medication Due to...

Making the Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis

Rethinking Bipolar Depression

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - A Comprehensive Review

Concussion in Sport - The Latest in Diagnosis and Management

Irritable Bowel SyndromeWhat's New for Rome IV

PANCE/PANRE Review: Musculoskeletal, Neurologic, and Psychiatry

Patient and Provider Perspectives in BED: Initial Visits

Addressing Cognition in Geriatric Depression

Early Intervention in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease

Treating Major Depression: Current State

Psychiatry Board Review

Early Morning Functioning Impairment in ADHD

A 75-Year-Old Woman With Complaints of Forgetfulness

Agitation and Psychiatric Disease: Best Practices for Emergency Care

Premenstrual And Peripartum Mental Health

Psychotic Disorders/Synthetic Cannabinoids

Creating A Medical Home Within Community Mental Health

Psychopharmacologic Management Of Sleep Disorders

Management Of Bipolar Disorder

Managing The Opiate-Dependent Patient

Diagnosis And Management Of Grief And Bereavement

Mindfulness: An Overview

Psychoanalytic Theory/Group Psychotherapy

Treating Bipolar Depression: Practical Considerations

Neurodevelopmental Treatment Targets In Autism

Neurobiology Of Pain And Addiction

Use Of A Smartphone App In Care Of Patients With Early Psychosis

Update On Child And Adolescent Psychiatry

Dissociative Disorders/Gambling Addiction

Suicide Prevention/Cancer Care

Update On Domestic Violence, Part 1: Childhood Exposure And Brain Development

Update On Personality Disorders

Autism/Depression In Adolescents

Sleep Disorders/Substance Abuse

Brain Functioning/The Affordable Care Act

Neurobiology Of Addiction

Management Of Impulse Control Disorders

Self-Management/Psychopharmacology For Depression

Trauma Across The Lifespan

Update In Child Psychology

Neuropsychological Implications Of Homelessness In Urban Youth

Psychiatric Medications For Children: An Overview Of Your Options

Traumatic Influences On The Adolescent Psyche

Diagnosing And Evaluating Psychiatric Disability Part 1

Update On Somatization Disorders

NEJM Journal Watch

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder/Obesity

Risk Assessment For Violence

Update On Eating Disorders

Child Custody/Adolescent Borderline Personality Disorder

Review Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Activation Therapy For Depression

NEJM Journal Watch

The Dangerous Patient

Behavioral Neurology And Neuropsychiatry: Part 1

Executive Function In Delinquent Adolescents

Elder Abuse/Ptsd And Acute Stress Disorder

Guns And Mental Illness

Pharmacologic Management Of Anxiety Spectrum Disorders

Acceptance And Commitment Therapy

Update On Eating Disorders

Aspects Of Suicide

Scale Of Evil

Novel Approaches To Serious Psychiatric Illness

Psychiatric Concerns In Patients With Medical Illness

Update On Autism, Part 2: Behavior Management And Psychopharmacology In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Pharmacotherapies For Opioid Use Disorders

Sex Offenders And The Law

Who Is Most Likely To Become Violent?

Guns And People With Mental Illness

Pediatric Bipolar Disorder/Dangerous Disorders

Older Antipsychotics/Ketamine

Adhd In Children And Adults

Dual Diagnosis/Transgender Experience

Neurobiology Of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Clinical Implications

Neuroscience Of Addiction

Update On Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Substance Abuse In Adolescence: An Overview

Neuroinflammation/Bulimia Nervosa

Antipsychotic Review

Update On Depression Psychopharmacology

Adolescent Substance Abuse In The Era Of Social Media

Pain And Trauma

Update On Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

The Principles Of Medical Ethics

Management Of Alcohol Use Disorder

Substance Abuse/Understanding Addiction

Evidence-Based Treatment Of Borderline Personality Disorder

Alcohol Addiction/Ketamine For Agitation

Overview Of Mentalization-Based Therapy

Twelve-Step Facilitation/Bereavement

Diagnosing And Evaluating Psychiatric Disability, Part Ii

NEJM Journal Watch

NEJM Journal Watch

NEJM Journal Watch

Ethical Dilemmas In Psychiatry

Psychopharmacologic Management Of Social Anxiety Disorder: The Algorithm

When The Patient Is A Criminal

Treatment Strategies For Depression In Patients Abusing Alcohol

Gender Dysphoria (Gd)

Child Abuse And Domestic Violence

NEJM Journal Watch

NEJM Journal Watch

Character Pathology/Anorexia Nervosa

Pharmacologic Management Of Addiction

Alzheimer And Non-Alzheimer Dementias

Schizophrenia: New Approaches To Treatment And Prevention

Neuroscience Of Addiction For Psychologists

Confidentiality And The Duty To Warn

What Makes Psychotherapy Work?

Pain Medicine And Psychiatry

Update On Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (Ptsd)

Update On Psychiatric Emergencies

Risk Management For Psychiatrists

Anxiety Disorders And Their Treatment

Problems In The Geriatric Population

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Neuropsychologic Assessment

The Other Side Of Psychopharmacology: Ethics And Practice

Motivational Interviewing/Self-Mutilation

Neurobiology Of Suicide

Personality Disorders: Finding The Person Within

Update On Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (Adhd)

Psychiatric Services Under New Insurance Models

Health Promotion/Attachment

New And Upcoming Antipsychotics

Behavioral Neurology And Neuropsychiatry Part 3

Behavioral Neurology And Neuropsychiatry: Part 2

Dementia: Part 4

Healthy Sleep: Biology of Normal Sleep and the Consequences of Insufficient Sleep

Borderline Personality Disorder

Assessment and Treatment of Anxiety in the Primary Care Setting

Treatment of Depression: Emerging Issues

The Clinician in Court: Surviving a Malpractice Suit

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents

Research Methods 101 for the Provider: A Guide to Critical Research Consumption

Lifestyle Medicine for Stress Management

Gambling Disorder in Your Practice: Information and Resources

Addiction in Your Practice: Information and Resources for Dealing with Addictive Behavior