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Radiology CME Credit Courses

Advances in Pediatric Neuroradiology

ALARA - CT (As Low As Reasonably Achievable)

Emergency Radiology

Pediatric Radiology - 2015

Breast Imaging and Digital Mammography

National Conference on Cutting Edge Breast Imaging Topics

Pediatric Radiology - 2014

Thoracic Imaging - 2016

UCSF Interventional Radiology Review

UW Radiology Review Course

Thoracic Imaging - 2015

UCSF Body Imaging - Abdominal and Thoracic

National Diagnostic Imaging Symposium - 2015

Comprehensive Review of Breast Imaging

UCSF Abdomen & Pelvis: CT/MR/US

UCSF Breast Imaging

The Johns Hopkins Neuroradiology Review

Thoracic Imaging 2014 and 2015 - Package

UCSF Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Imaging

UCSF Neuro and Musculoskeletal Imaging

Neurology Alert (Vol. 34, No. 8) - April 1, 2015

Neurology Alert - March 1, 2015

Neurology Alert (Vol. 35, No. 4) - December 1, 2015

Neurology Alert (Vol. 35 No. 9) - May 2016

Comprehensive Cardiology Seminar and Board Review Course

Code Stroke: New Approaches to Assess and Treat Acute Ischemic...

Stroke 2.0 - Endovascular Reperfusion Techniques

Update on IL-5 Based Therapy of Eosinophilic Asthma

Concussion in Sport - The Latest in Diagnosis and Management

Comprehensive Review of Endocrine and Head and Neck Surgery

24-year-old man with back pain

31-year-old man with calf mass

Woman with history of cervical cancer.

35-year-old man with chronic lower back pain

70-year-old man with painless groin bulge

14-year-old boy with ankle injury

51-year-old woman in motor vehicle collision

56-year-old man with chest pain

67-year-old woman undergoing gastrostomy tube placement

23-year-old man with foot masses

28-year-old woman with enlarged cervical lymph nodes

55-year-old woman undergoing screening mammogram

55-year-old man after motor vehicle accident

55-year-old woman with melanoma presents with headache, fatigue

26-year-old woman with sharp abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding

31-year-old woman with leg paresthesia upon neck flexion

65-year-old man with hip pain

64-year-old man with memory loss

20-year-old woman with history of amenorrhea

50-year-old woman with incidental finding on screening mammogram

31-year-old woman with palpable breast lump

60-year-old woman with palpable breast lumps

Patient who was in motor vehicle accident

Girl with leg pain

Young man in motor vehicle accident

Postpartum patient with severe headache

Elderly woman with abdominal pain, dizziness and loss of consciousness

Acute onset of hematemesis

Woman with personality changes and right-sided hemiparesis

Facial trauma

Elderly woman with memory loss and confusion

Patient with neurologic symptoms

Seventy-year-old man with headache and fever

Teenager with fever and pain


Young woman with hypertension

Three-year-old who jumped off bed

Four-year-old with fever, nausea, and abdominal pain

Teenage boy with neck pain

Baby girl with achondroplastic dwarfism

Woman with lupus and visual problems

Young woman with chest pain

Headache with intractable nausea and vomiting

Patient with chest pain

Woman gives history of abnormal vaginal bleeding

Man with acute shoulder pain after fall

10-year-old girl with prior chest radiograph

Toddler with arm pain

Man with hemoptysis

Cough and mental status changes in a 60-year-old

62-year-old woman with shortness of breath

35-year-old man with right flank pain

36-year-old woman undergoing brain MRI

20-year-old man after high-speed collision

29-year-old woman undergoing head CT

38-year-old AIDS patient with abdominal pain

12-month-old with developmental delay, episodic hyperpnea

10-year-old girl with lower leg pain

41-year-old woman undergoing screening mammogram

Routine screening mammogram.

28-year-old woman with orthopnea

50-year-old man with severe hip pain

50-year-old man with lymphoma presents with abdominal pain, fever

49-year-old woman with liver lesions

4-month-old baby with seizures

19-year-old woman with history withheld

48-year-old woman with facial asymmetry

73-year-old woman with palpable breast lump

63-year-old man with throat 'twitching'

30-year-old man in motor vehicle collision

45-year-old woman undergoing screening mammogram

40-year-old woman with proptosis

28-year-old woman with spotting, elevated ßhCG 2 weeks after miscarriage

Woman with constipation

Bilateral hand and wrist pain

Teenager with rapid onset dyspnea and fatigue

Man with neck pain

Meaningful Use in Radiology - What's New in Stage 2?

45-year-old woman presents for screening mammogram with tomosynthesis

Elderly man with failure to thrive

Man with knee pain


Man with breast enlargement

Nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and history of lymphoma

Man with abdominal pain

Patient with difficulty walking

Man with shoulder pain after falling on ice

Six-year-old with fever and cough

Incidental finding on workup for thymic tumor

Teenage girl with abdominal pain and high fever

Woman with abdominal pain

Young man with intermittent atrial fibrillation

40-year-old woman undergoing a mammogram

74-year-old woman presents for screening mammogram

Woman with back pain

45-year-old woman with increasing abdominal pain, distension

47-year-old man who was kicked in the chest

54-year-old man with incidental CT finding

59-year-old woman with history of metastatic cancer to neck lymph nodes

63-year-old woman with abdominal pain

Man with weight loss, epigastric pain, and jaundice

Man with left-sided weakness

Girl with rapid onset abdominal pain

Forty-five-year-old woman with breast pain

Elderly woman undergoing abdominal imaging

Girl with hip pain

Young man with vague abdominal-pelvic discomfort

Boy with acute abdominal pain

Nausea and vomiting

Elderly woman with neck and upper chest pain

A 50-year-old man with abdominal pain

Young adult with sudden severe headache and blackout

Woman with diarrhea and abnormal EGD

Woman undergoing mammography

Woman with abdominal pain

Premature newborn girl

Woman with abnormal breast exam

Man with chronic granulomatous disease

Man with weight loss

Renal transplant. Rising creatinine.

Woman with palpable abnormality

63-year-old man with abnormal echocardiogram

Pelvic MRI on a 30-year-old G3P3 woman

Young man with dyspnea and chest pain

52-year-old woman undergoing screening mammography

64-year-old man with chronic angina

67-year-old woman with bump on head

58-year-old undergoing evaluation for achalasia

50-year-old woman with fever, confusion

53-year-old woman with left breast lump

Man with back pain

Woman presents with chest pain

Man with recent dyspnea with chest wall pain

Man who fell

Fifty-year-old woman with abnormal chest radiograph

Boy with headache and papilledema

Weight loss and abdominal pain after burn injury

Young woman with pain

Man with cough

Seventy-year-old woman with knee pain

Man with abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting

Eight-month-old with swelling in the lower extremity

Elderly woman with new palpable breast lump

Fifteen-year-old with abdominal pain

Clinical history is temporarily withheld

Man with abdominal discomfort

Man with cough and weight loss

74-year-old woman presents with right breast lump

46-year-old female undergoing screening mammogram - tomosynthesis

Man with dyspnea

Man with back pain

Three-year-old boy with abdominal pain

Woman with seizures

Teenager with fever

46-year-old woman with abnormality on echocardiography

Three-week old undergoing postnatal follow-up ultrasound

Woman with rectal bleeding

Young woman with breast lump

One-year-old boy with history of seizures

Man with abdominal pain, anorexia

Man who has had a liver transplant

Patient with confusion and fatigue

Man with groin pain after angioplasty

45-year-old woman presents for screening mammogram

79-year-old female presents for screening mammogram

Baby ingested item found on floor

Postpartum patient

Baby with failure to thrive

Man with renal failure


Man with abdominal distension

Thirty-year-old woman with right upper quadrant pain

Woman on chronic hemodialysis

Patient with right knee pain and swelling

Abdominal pain out of proportion to exam

A 40-year-old woman with fever

Man with seizure

Young woman with headache and seizure

Man with seizure

Girl with intermittent left flank pain

38-year-old woman with painful breast lumps

Pregnant with worsening renal function

Man with left thigh swelling and pain

Woman with abdominal pain after gagging

Woman short of breath

Boy with ataxia

Newborn with abnormal physical exam

Ten-year-old with altered mental status and fever

Woman with abdominal pain and prior gastric bypass surgery

Elderly man with worsening clinical complaint

Man undergoing facial and orbital imaging

55-year-old woman with palpitations

32-year-old pregnant woman with abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding

57-year-old man found down with possible trauma

Patient with persistent headaches

Man brought to hospital by police

Man found down

Thirty-year-old woman with leg pain

Eight-year-old with leg injury

Ultrasound evaluation of testicles

78-year-old female undergoing screening mammography

64-year-old female presents for screening mammogram

76-year-old woman presents for a screening mammogram

68-year-old woman presents for a screening mammogram

A 75-year-old man

Woman with abdominal pain

Woman with cough and facial anomaly

Woman with pain

Ten-year-old with foot pain

Finger pain

Woman undergoing neurological workup

History is temporarily withheld

Woman with abnormal dental X-rays

Worsening knee pain

Man with jaundice and abdominal distention

Elderly man with stroke-like symptoms

Two-year-old with abdominal pain

A teenage girl with abdominal fullness

Woman with history of breast cancer

US veteran with headaches

Follow-up imaging on a young boy

Young man with scrotal pain

Asymptomatic woman. Screening mammogram.

Man in pain

Breast cancer surveillance

64-year-old male with a liver lesion

34-year-old woman with palpable breast mass

19-year-old man with lower urinary tract symptoms

55-year-old woman undergoing screening mammography

13-year-old boy with progressive dyspnea

54-year-old man with new-onset tremor, altered mental status

24-year-old man with abdominal pain

45-year-old man with progressive memory loss

45-year-old man with worsening headache

35-year-old man with rapid-onset confusion, drooling

53-year-old woman with history of melanoma, breast cancer

Neonate with failure to pass meconium

85-year-old woman with left arm, leg weakness

57-year-old woman undergoing screening mammogram

21-year-old woman with chronic cough

22-year-old man with finger mass

Woman undergoing abdominal workup

62-year-old woman with incidental CT finding

19-year-old woman with ankle pain

8-year-old boy with hip pain

69-year-old woman after respiratory arrest

45-year-old man with left hip pain

24-year-old man with hearing loss

5-year-old girl with liver transplant

Incarcerated young man with recurring headache and occasional blurred vision

50-year-old man with history of thyroid cancer

72-year-old man with abdominal distension

35-year-old woman with tinnitus

27-year-old pregnant woman with incidental ultrasound finding

65-year-old man with history of abdominal aortic aneurysm

31-year-old woman with abnormal prenatal ultrasound

40-year-old woman with recurrent UTIs, dyspareunia

59-year-old woman with pelvic pain

63-year-old man with headache

Woman with RLQ and fever

Teenage African-American male with hematuria

70-year-old man with abdominal pain, diarrhea

Man with shortness of breath

65-year-old man with worsening dyspnea

33-year-old woman with left lower abdominal pain

66-year-old woman with worsening right upper quadrant pain

20-year-old man with history of trauma

Woman with history of gastric bypass presents with fever, abdominal pain

Teenage girl with incontinence, confusion, and speech difficulties

20-year-old woman with vaginal bleeding, cramping

Follow-up CXR on man with pneumonia 4 months ago

51-year-old woman with shortness of breath

24-year-old man with breast tenderness

19-year-old woman with severe asthma found down

25-year-old man with recent stroke

18-year-old woman with right upper quadrant pain

27-year-old with palpitations, dyspnea

40-year-old man with dysarthria, right-sided weakness

21-year-old man found unresponsive

Patient with trauma

39-year-old man with incidentally detected lesion

29-year-old woman with enlarged uterus

39-year-old woman with chronic low back pain

40-year-old woman with pelvic mass

Seventy-year-old man with cough

27-year-old woman with shortness of breath

51-year-old man with right upper quadrant pain

10-year-old boy with knee pain

57-year-old woman with wrist pain

34-year-old woman with knee pain postsurgery

67-year-old woman with sore throat

42-year-old woman with pleuritic chest pain

63-year-old man with shoulder pain

65-year-old woman with altered mental status

76-year-old woman with hematuria, obstructive uropathy

26-year old man with nystagmus, visual loss

35-year-old woman with dyspnea on exertion

56-year-old man with hematuria, hypertension, and psychiatric history

48-year-old man with fever, dyspnea

63-year-old man with flushing and diarrhea

65-year-old woman with right hip pain

Man complains of foot pain.

29-year-old woman undergoing abdominal imaging

20-year-old man with submandibular swelling, pain

60-year-old woman with posterior knee pain

63-year-old woman with chest pain

40-day-old infant born at 28 weeks gestation

3-year-old boy with abdominal distension

65-year-old woman with femur lesion

42-year-old man with dizziness

35-year-old male with hypertension

17-year-old patient with leg swelling, pain

52-year-old man with left breast mass

51-year-old man with right upper quadrant pain

5-year-old in motor vehicle accident

89-year-old man with ischemic heart disease

50-year-old woman undergoing screening mammogram

55-year-old woman recalled after screening mammogram

47-year-old woman with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting

30-year-old woman with oligomenorrhea

19-year-old woman after seizure

25-year-old woman undergoing fetal MRI

15-year-old with several days of urinary retention

67-year-old woman with palpable breast lump

15-year-old boy with knee pain

A 50-year-old woman with pain

37-year-old man with knee pain

35-year-old man with shoulder pain

23-year-old with shortness of breath

89-year-old man with abdominal pain

68-year-old woman with increasing knee pain

5-year-old boy with abnormal eye exam

72-year-old woman with history withheld

35-year-old woman with incidental neck finding

50-year-old man with history of tongue cancer undergoing follow-up imaging

54-year-old man with pulmonary embolism, recent GI bleed

55-year-old woman with breast pain, bruise

56-year-old man with abdominal pain

61-year-old man with palpable breast mass

65-year-old man undergoing chemotherapy now with rash

17-year-old with knee pain after sports injury

64-year-old woman with palpable breast mass

72-year-old man with mandibular lump

43-year-old woman with history of wheezing

78-year-old woman with palpable subpubic mass

53-year-old woman with abnormal thyroid function tests

65-year-old woman with breast lump after mastectomy, breast implantation

61-year-old woman with painful breast lump, skin discoloration

43-year-old woman with breast pain, swelling

40-year-old woman with palpable breast mass

29-year-old woman with foot pain

21-year-old man with knee pain

Child with trauma

45-year-old woman in motor vehicle collision

50-year-old man with back pain

12-year-old boy with foot pain

32-year-old woman with mental status change

63-year-old woman with worsening shortness of breath

12-month-old boy with leg pain

45-year-old man with incidental chest finding

32-year-old woman with abdominal pain, history of J-pouch reconstruction

32-year-old woman with new, palpable breast lump

45-year-old woman on peritoneal dialysis with shortness of breath

51-year-old man with end-stage renal disease, dyspnea

55-year-old man with progressive lower back pain

58-year-old man with left-sided chest pain

61-year-old woman with history of cough, achalasia presents with worsening dysphagia

Woman with diffuse abdominal pain

Man in a high-speed MVA

Asymptomatic sarcoma patient, follow-up surveillance

Woman with back and abdominal pain

Man with anemia

58-year-old woman with palpable breast lump

50-year-old woman for follow-up ultrasound after urography

47-year-old woman with history withheld

45-year-old woman with nasopharyngeal fullness

Elderly man undergoing head and neck workup

Man with disequilibrium

Man with epigastric pain and weight loss

Man with chronic diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting

34-year-old baseball player with right shoulder pain

Neonate born at 26.5 weeks gestation

31-year-old woman with headaches, weakness

65-year-old woman with mass on chest x-ray

62-year-old man with weakness, dizziness

39-year-old man with hip pain after trauma

49-year-old HIV-positive woman with facial pain

29-year-old man ejected in motor vehicle collision

67-year-old man with worsening shortness of breath

15-year-old boy with leg pain

54-year-old woman with nipple discharge

53-year-old man after fall

60-year-old woman with history of pancreatitis presents with epigastric pain

Girl with gunshot wound

Screening OB ultrasound

Eleven-year-old boy with abdominal pain

Patient with multifocal pain

Long-time smoker with fever and cough

Young teenager with knee pain

Man with palpable left breast mass for 1 year

60-year-old man with chest pain

50-year-old man with personality changes

55-year-old woman with menorrhagia

69-year-old woman with headache, fever

75-year-old man after right lower lobe wedge resection

59-year-old man with chest pain after hematemesis

Woman with pain and soft tissue mass

58-year-old woman undergoing mammography after breast reduction

16-year-old girl with headache

30-year-old woman with dyspnea


Woman with flank pain

Woman with abdominal pain

Man with abdominal and back pain

56-year-old man with postoperative back pain

Man with urinary incontinence

44-year-old man with abdominal pain

Man with increasing abdominal girth

28-year-old man with fever, abdominal pain post bone marrow transplant

43-year-old woman with palpable axillary lump

65-year-old man with weight loss

58-year-old woman presents for routine breast screening

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NEJM Journal Watch

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NEJM Journal Watch

NEJM Journal Watch

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